The ESPproMon smartphone app for monitoring and controlling your energy usage is due to be released for Android this month and shortly after for iOS.

The app creates a bridge between the low cost ESP8266 development boards and a selection of energy metering hardware systems such as the Pzem from PeaceFair and the emonTx from Open Energy Monitor.

ESP8266 development boards are available from just $3 including delivery and can be found on the AliExpress website under the names of WeMos and NodeMCU etc.

Over the last two years we have been busy creating what we consider to be the most powerful smartphone app currently available for energy monitoring and control.

It’s packed with advanced features like the location based control of home appliances using the geo-location of your smartphone.

For further details please check out our home page.


ESPproMon© Smartphone App Info and Data Tabs




Hope you enjoyed watching the launch video.

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  1. HI. I want to ask. Can you make the app that can calculate the phantom load energy ? I mean a feature that will calculate how much we will save without phantom load energy because I want to make a power strip that have a feature like that. Thanks :

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