If you wish to register the ESPproMon firmware please click the Buy Now button below. Currently, the firmware is only available for an ESP8266 but in due course, we hope to release firmware for the ESP32.

The cost is $9.95 (USD) and this entitles you to use the firmware with our cloud-based server.

If you simply want to support the project please donate whatever you can afford, thanks.


If you are flush with Bitcoins (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) and haven’t found anywhere to spend them we are happy to take them off your hands. You may buy the firmware with Bitcoins and Ethereum or simply donate them to support the ESPproMon project.

Bitcoin QR code image for Peacefair Pzem-004T bridge to ESP8266 with ESPproMon firmware

If you have a blockchain.info Bitcoin wallet click or scan the image to the left or use this Bitcoin processing link.

For other crypto wallets with Bitcoin or Ethereum balances please send the equivalent of $9.95 to our BTC or ETH addresses available here.

If you send Cryptocoins please send us a message so we can link the payment to your copy of the firmware.


Thanks for your support.